Languages - Mandarin


This year we welcome a new member to the Mandarin team! Yan Wu will be teaching 3/4R, 3/4D as well as

the 5/6 classes. Serina Lee will be teaching all the Prep and 1/2 classes along with 3/4L and 3/4M.


It has been a pleasure getting to know the students at Watsonia Heights Primary for the past year and

understanding the different ways in which each student and each cohort of students approach learning

Mandarin. Yan will no doubt build a great rapport with her students very quickly too. There will be a strong

focus this year on pronunciation and conversing in Mandarin.

This term the Mandarin program for Grade One to Grade Six will consist of students learning, revising and

consolidating their knowledge and understanding of basic phrases that are useful in the classroom and in

other contexts. This includes:

• expressing simple opinions

• asking for permission to do something or to go somewhere

• introducing themselves to someone they have met for the first time

• getting to know someone better

• giving and receiving information about location and directions

Our new Foundation students will concentrate on learning classroom greetings and routines as well as to

express how they feel about something. They will also learn to count from one to five and a selection of


Gestures, role plays, craft, musical and other kinaesthetic activities will be used to drive the learning

throughout the different year levels.

Learning Mandarin through AIM

We will be introducing more aspects of the AIM (the Accelerative Integrated Method) to our classes this

year. The focus of AIM is initially on equipping students to speak fluently before learning reading and

writing. We are seeking to develop students' oral and written fluency through using the method. Movement

and the use of gestures linked to the language in the program seeks to develop and stimulate the students'

interest in learning Chinese language and culture.

To celebrate the Year of the Rooster, students will learn to sing a renown Chinese

New Year song – 恭喜恭喜 gōng xi gōng xi (Congratulations, Congratulations) in

addition to learning about and cooking 汤圆 tāng yuán glutinous rice balls. Finally,

students will take part in activities to celebrate Cultural Diversity Week towards

the end of the term which will focus on diversity within our student body and

school community.

Mandarin Music Group (MMG)

Towards the end of last year our school saw the beginnings of the Mandarin Music Group. The students met

and practised singing ‘Jasmine Flower (茉莉花) and a Kpop (Korean pop) dance on Friday lunchtimes and

had the opportunity to perform at the school’s Musical Soiree with much success! MMG will be starting up

again from the 24th of February. In the first semester we will be learning a traditionally inspired fan dance as

well as a Mandarin version of an English song. Students are encouraged to come along and join every Friday


Fortnightly Mandarin Challenge

Mid-way through the term a challenge per fortnight will be introduced and open to all students! The

challenges will be created with what students have learned in mind and sometimes requires a bit of putting

two and two together. Families are encouraged to look at the challenges with the students and you might even

learn a thing a two from the children! Prizes will be drawn mid-year and at the end of the year. Good luck to

all the students!


We are looking forward to a great year ahead with all the students at Watsonia Heights!


Serina Lee and Yan Wu

Mandarin Teachers