Be Cyber Smart

Being part of a digital age and having global access means our children have unimaginable opportunities and experiences. During school hours we have procedures and policies in place that ensure we can the global access our children have is a rich, positive and safe. Inappropriate sites are blocked from students’ access here at the school, including social media sites. With joint support between  home and school, we advocate the following messages to support our community in being aware and  responsible global citizens.


Cyber Safety 1• Keep your personal information private;

• Cyber bullying is damaging and not tolerated– T.H.I.N.K. is it True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary or Kind;

• Think before you click, once you upload it– it is there forever;

• Not everyone is who they claim to be;

• They have the power to reduce risks and support in challenging times.







Cyber Safety Hand

As part of our cyber safety education program we identify a support network for students to turn to if they have questions, concerns or incidents relating to access and experiences that may affect them when online. This is done using an outline of their hands where students identify five adults in their lives they can talk to, such as their parents, grandparents, teachers and police officers. We encourage students to talk openly about their online usage and use technology in a public space,  so we can best support them to be respectful of themselves and others, whilst developing awareness of the risks which make them vulnerable.


For additional information and resources, the Commonwealth Government has provided the following website for children, students and  parents as part of its “Cyber Safety” program:

No Cyber Bullying Logo

This site includes strategies designed for families.

Stay Smart Online -


Jamie Thompson                                                          

ICT Coordinator