School Profile

School Profile


Watsonia Heights – “Let’s Strive For The Heights"

Watsonia Heights Primary School is situated in the well established, north-eastern suburb of Greensborough, in the city of Banyule, sixteen kilometres from Melbourne’s CBD.


Opening in 1966, the school grew quickly with a peak enrolments in 1970 and the 2016 school enrolment is 258.


The school believes students learn best when they are engaged in their learning, feel safe and connected to the school. Parental involvement is valued and a strong sense of community is evident throughout the school.


Watsonia Heights Primary School has a commitment to providing a safe, secure, caring environment where children are encouraged to develop as individuals and collaborators. We share a holistic focus on developing each individual, developing academically, socially and emotionally. We have high expectations for staff and students. All students can expect success and will be supported, nurtured, encouraged and challenged throughout their learning journeys. Building student resiliency, self esteem and confidence via our commitment to enhancing the academic, social and emotional capacity of all students is of utmost importance at WHPS. Dynamic and thoroughly planned programs are provided to engage students and help them maximise learning opportunities and become life-long learners. Great emphasis is placed on developing each individual child to their maximum potential within a society that is constantly changing by: identifying individual needs; giving equal opportunities to every child to achieve success; using a range of teaching styles and strategies; providing a broad and balanced curriculum across all learning areas; providing specialist programs across a diverse range of disciplines. In addition to our primary focus of ensuring all children succeed in literacy, numeracy and develop a love for learning through stimulating curiosity; WHPS also offers a robust specialised teaching program. Our specialist learning program includes Languages program, Music, Science and Technology, Visual Arts program, Health and Physical Education and Performing Arts. The school has developed and continues to build our extra curricular program that enhances and develops individual students beyond the basics of being literate and numerate. Underpinning and embedded within our curriculum program is the strong focus on student leadership and interpersonal development. Intertwined in our curriculum is the use of high level digital resources. The use of technology provides a dynamic and engaging approach to outcome delivery. Current and emergent technologies are used across the school to enhance teaching and learning strategies and approaches.

The school values, which underpin our programs are; Success, Teamwork, Respect, Individuality, Visionary, Effort – STRIVE!

The school continue to invest in the professional development of staff and we a wonderfully skilled and committed staff whom are great at what they do, providing for our students on a daily basis. WHPS continues a strong focus on developing and improving ourselves as individual practioners and as a team of staff committed to outcome delivery, enjoyment of learning and a passion for ongoing improvement.